Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tell the world I'm coming home.

My time away from home is almost over, only 4 days left to be more exact. It has been an amazing time and it boggles my mind how time can fly. Barcelona is such a cool place to live as there's always something going on and there are so many holidays and festivals throughout the year. I can see myself coming back in a couple of years. The apartment and neighborhood I've been living in for the past months has become home to me. That might sounds strange to some, but as I've been abroad for longer periods before I have learned to easily adapt to new places. For anyone looking for tips about Barcelona, contact me throught the comments. I'd love to help you out.

I'll miss walking through this pretty street on the way to work every day.

Even though I will miss it here, and going home feels like a step backward instead of forward, there are things I'm looking forward to. To remind myself of the fact that going home isn't the end of the world I will list them below.

- Seeing friends and family again.
- Being able to go for a morning run alongside the water again.
- Do my PopPilates videos in the living room.
- Making my favorite smoothies on a daily basis with a blender and not a mixer. Blenders are much easier to work with when making smoothies.
- Drinking tea from 500ml mugs, now I'm heating water almost every 20 mins for a new cup.
- Tv shows in languages I can perfectly understand.
- Eating meals I haven't cooked myself.

That being said.. something I'm actually worried about is how I'm going to keep up with Gandia Shore, the Spanish version of Jersey Shore. It's so very entertaining and the highlight of the week I must say, which even I find quite embarrasing.

I'm really, really going to miss it here.

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