Saturday, 18 May 2013

Back on track.

Hi guys!

I'm back from all of my travels and have started school and working again. I've really missed working the last couple of months. Being back from traveling also means being back on the blog!

Follow the jump for details and pictures of both trips :)

1. Flight with WizzAir, affordable and good service! 2. A nice variation of ''shot glasses'': an egg cup, a shot glass and an espresso cup. 3. Yes.. it really is an egg cup. We're classy like that. 4. We walked all the way to the top! 5. I SAW A SQUIRREL!

My trip to Vienna was awesome, in the end we didn't manage to go to Budapest because of my friend's work, so we decided to stay in Vienna. It's a cool city with a lot of things going on, especially in spring/summer. The first night we saw a pretty fireworks show because it was the 1st of May (labour day!). The next days were filled with fun too: Ben & Jerry's gave away free ice cream at a beach bar next to the Danube river, we went to the Surf world cup just outside of Vienna. But most of all I spent quality time with my lovely friends who unfortunately live too far away to see them everyday.

On the 5th of May I got home, unpacked my bag, did two washings (very interesting, right?)  and then got ready for my first day at work. My first day was really nice, everyone is so friendly and - as I tried to not being a complete idiot-  I think I made a good first impression.

Then it was time for my second trip to Kos. I didn't really packed my suitcase, I used this very special technique which goes like this:
Step 1: Grab as many things you can find and chuck them in there,
Step 2: Take out all of the things you aren't going to wear/use
Step 3: Repeat step one and two until the suitcase is either too heavy or impossible to close. Kos is filled with beautiful flowers!

Thanks to my special technique I packed a sh:)tload of shirts and skirts and almost no shorts. Which was quite the problem when I realised we were going to rent bikes for the entire week. Luckily the first few days were very cloudy so  I wore my leggings or jeans. When the weather got nicer I already got used to riding the bike again* and was able to wear skirts without exposing my undies to the entire population of Kos.

As it was a trip for school, we had some really interesting interviews with locals, tourists and the Kos Unified Tourism Board about sustainability on Kos and how tourists think of sustainable tourism/sustainability during their holidays. Everyone we met on the island was very friendly and willing to help us with our research. I'm planning to write a blogpost on that as soon as I have all of the interviews typed and have the questionnaire results.

After we were done with the things we had to do for school, we had some days off. This is when the weather got really nice and me and my friend spent time by the pool, in the city or drinking corona's in the sun and in the evenings we have had some amazing dinners*.

1. Greek platter for two. 2. Bread filled with feta cheese and some baklava. 3. Greek salad. 4. Fresh dorado from the grill. 5. Corona's and cheesecake.
On our last full day we rented a car with some classmates and we explored the island a bit more in depth. We visited beautiful remote beaches where we were the only ones, had a nice lunch in a garden type of restaurant and ended our day with an amazing meal in the restaurant with the nicest staff I've ever met (the one mentioned above). Have you ever met a restaurant owner who says he doesn't want your tip because: ''you are my guest and therefore you deserve an excellent service and quality of food''. Clearly, we still gave him the tip when we left but as he refused to accept it, we hid it in one of our empty glasses and we were forced to leave quickly before he found out about it.

Take me back!

*Although I live in Amsterdam, I never use my bike. I once had a nasty fall and now all the traffic makes me anxious.
*In the blogpost about sustainability I will add some information on restaurants and other places I recommend on the island.


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