Saturday, 27 April 2013

Life: Too much of nothing.

Hi guys, yes that's a Spice Girls reference in the titel.

How are you all? I'm so happy the weather is finally getting better her in Amsterdam (except for the 24hrs of rain yesterday) and my trips are right around the corner. Uni has been crazy though. We Monday a week ago with the final period of this year and we already had to hand in two documents.

I think that all the writing I had to do for school resulted in me being really bad at blogging the past weeks. I haven't got any thoughts to blog about and the little free time I had was spent watching interviews with Victoria Beckham (I've just discovered that she isn't a stuck up and stiff, she's actually smart and funny) and going on a mouse hunt with my dad.

We've unfortunately got ourselves a little intruder. I have named him Mickey.. 'cause I'm original like that. We've bought 4 cruelty free mouse traps and I can't wait to release him (far away from our house) onto a field. If only he would fall for it and go for the snacks we laid out for him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he'll go for the bait before I'm going away for almost 2 weeks.

Unfortunately I haven't started at my new job yet so my life has been quite boring lately. Not earning  money also means that everything I've been doing has been pretty lowbudget and that quickly got boring. I'm starting with the job in the second week of May. I.Can't.Wait!

For now all I can say is that I hope to be back soon with inspiration to blog (& I will be!).



Anonymous said...

I am also without a job at the moment. Life is definitely not boring too, I still haven't got enough time to do everything I want to do :-) I always have 1001 projects, lol... Good luck with the new job, I hope I find one soon too!

Unknown said...

Im also without a job right now. I dont really consider my parttime weekend job as a job... so yeah. What I do is just put a lot of time in my blog :P (also without a study, recently graduated).