Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Smiles #5

Hey guys,

Hope you've had an amazing week. I've been so busy with exams the past week that I haven't spent much time online at all. I did however select a few things that made me laugh this week to share with you.

My guess is that you have already seen this video, as it has been going around on all social media networks. Still, I had to share it with you. I've watched it several times now and it hasn't failed in making me laugh once.
Celebrities without teeth:

How many of you have watched The Hills on MTV? I loved the show from the start (I also was obsessed with Laguna Beach) until Lauren left. That's when I stopped watching it. This week I re-discovered this funny deleted scene on youtube. It features Lauren, Audrina and a very funky cat.
Have a great Sunday! xx

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow the one with the celebs without teeth is so SCARY lol :-)