Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Travel: Can I get a window seat?

Keep calm and travel on. That's exactly what I'm going to do in May. Follow the jump to read about my coming adventures.

Three years ago I was lucky enough to go abroad for my second internship (first one I did in the Netherlands) I went to one of the Canary Islands and it was an absolute blast. I've met so much people and made good friends in those five months. Most of them live abroad and although some of them live in The Netherlands unfortunately no one live close to Amsterdam.
Las Palmas - Gran Canaria 2009

That said, I still have regular contact with my three best friends from that period. We skype, talk on whatsapp or on facebook on an almost daily basis. Since our time on the island we've all seen each other separately and when one of my friends came to Barcelona for a few days we decided it was time to also plan a trip to visit our other friend in Austria. So, after months of planning, saving money and keeping our fingers crossed, today we have finally booked our trip!

On May 1st I'll travel to Budapest to meet with my friend and together we will go to Vienna to reunite with our other friend. I've been to both cities when I travelled through Europe a few years ago. When I was in Vienna my friend who lives there wasn't there, so I had to explore the city with my travel companion. This time it'll be nice to have a local showing me the fun side of the city. When I was in Budapest my friend was there and showed us all the sites to see in the city. And there are a lot! It's a beautiful city and I'm looking forward to go there again.

Budapest 2010
Budapest 2010
But that's not all! For a school project I'm going to Greece two days after I get back from Budapest and Vienna. We'll be going there for a week, I'm so excited! I've never been to Greece before but the pictures of the Island we're going to look absolutely amazing. What we're going to do exactly isn't completely clear to me yet but I'm sure I can fit pool/beach time into the schedule. Good thing shopping isn't a real option on the Island we're going to, I have no money to spend anyway ;).
When I'm back I'll be posting pictures of the trips on the blog for sure, along with tips to see and do.
Have a great week guys! xx


Anonymous said...

You have great things to look forward to, enjoy!

S stands for style said...

Heerlijk als je zoveel leuke tripjes hebt om naar uit te kijken! Voorpret is al de helft zeggen ze vaak. ;-) Geniet ervan!

X Savannah

Anonymous said...

Budapest! Ben ik laatst ook geweest. Vond de goulash zo lekker he, haha.