Saturday, 6 April 2013

A random list of things that make me happy.

On many blogs I've seen all kinds of lists. Lists of things that make people happy, gratitude lists and the 25 facts about me tag (and also a list!). As I always enjoy reading this type of blog post I decided to come up with a list (ha!) of things that make me happy combined with some facts about me. I hope you enjoy.

Photo's in the collage:
- Do not worry tea mug, it's huuuge (I guess 1/2L) which is perfect for a tea addict like me! I also love the illustrations.
- A drink with friends at one of my favorite bars in Amsterdam.
- A bright lipstick (maybelline 422 coral tonic)
- The most yummy salad I've had in a long time.
- 2 pics taken in one of my favorite towns in the southern province called Zeeland.
- Home made banana ice cream
- A winter walk on the beach

Now on to the real list of this post!

  1. Discovering a delicious new tea flavour (Lipton: vanilla and caramel)
  2. Finishing a homework assignment I didn't think I could do at the start.
  3. My donation to the Comic Relief foundation on Red Nose Day.
  4. If I ever get a walk in closet, it will probably be full of items of which I never wear 'cause I'm so scared they will damage or break (hello light beige high heels being pretty in my closet for already a year).
  5. Noticing a huge difference in my skin when I've been eating clean and healthy.
  6. Catching up with good friends over lunch.
  7. Whenever I see my best friend's baby I feel so lucky I'll get to see him grow up, he is such a beautiful baby boy.
  8. When I'm cooking something for the first time and it turns out great.
  9. New make up makes me very happy especially when there was a discount.
  10. Waking up on a sunny day.
  11. Home made banana ice cream.
  12. A big cup of green tea to start and end the day with.
  13. Fresh summer fruits
  14. Reading articles like this one (it's an article about the film Pulp Fiction, 9.106 words)
  15. When someone has left a comment on my blog I get very excited.
  16. Spending quality time with my parents.
  17. I regularly go on trips with one of my grandmothers. She is 83 still very active and healthy. I can't imagine not having her around.
  18. I love a bright lipstick on a gloomy day.
  19. Going through old photographs and remembering the fun times.
  20. Summer or winter.. I love a good walk on the beach.
  21. A good & healthy breakfast (I love: a green monster, a cup of green tea, an avocado, a tomato and some scrambled eggs).
  22. Spontaneous nights out with friends. It always starts with ''Ok I'll come.. but only for one drink'' and ends with ''This.. was the best night EVER''
  23. Helping people. Whether it's a mom with a stroller trying to exit the bus or a friend with a difficult task. When I'm actually able to help people I feel really good.
  24. When I have tidied my room I'm a much happier kid.
  25. Finding the perfect jeans for my body.
  26. I still watch Disney movies 'cause they take me back in time and I love them (The Lion King is so good!)
  27. Dancing to the Spice Girls is a guily pleasure of mine.

Do you recognize some things of my list or are you the complete opposite? I'd love to read about it so let me know in the comments. Also, if you have a similar blog post, share the link :)


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Great list :-D