Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Shopping: Etsy jewelry & Sleek make up.

Hey guys,

Saturday morning I found myself taking a break from studying and as a reward I allowed myself to do some online shopping. Follow the jump to see what I ordered.

The first item I picked up was from Etsy.
Last week I was talking to my friend in Vienna about how we both love traveling, how happy we are to have met each other and the crazy 5 months we spent together in 2009. I showed her this picture:
and we both fell in love with it. I searched for a while and found an example I liked on Etsy, of course it was sold out. Saturday morning I checked Etsy again and I saw that the shop had restocked and now had only one necklace left. Mine! It is a little different from the picture above, it has a pretty blue stone attached to the passport instead of a heart. I will post my own pictures as soon as it arrives.

I then ordered three products from Sleek, a brand I have never tried before but I have heard such positive things about their products that I couldn't resist.

I ordered:
Blush by 3: Lace.
I have heard that Sleek blushes are amazingly pigmented and I think these are pretty colours for spring and summer. I'm not really sure about the colour in the middle, but hopefully I can use it as a highlighter.
Face contour kit: Light
Since buying my MAC Cosmetics sculpt powder I've been really into contouring. Last week I watched Zoella's favourite drugstore products video on youtube and she mentioned this for contouring. When I saw it in the online shop I decided that I have to try this out for myself. I went for the light version but I'm still scared that the contour colour is a little too dark for me. Let's hope it isn't. 
Blush: Life's a peach
Life's a peach looks like a beautiful colour for a natural flush, plus, it has a cute name which I totally fell for. On the official product picture it looks quite pink but I've seen some review pictures online where it does look a lot more peach. I'm hoping it actually is a peach coloured blush because that usually looks better on me than pink. 
I always get so impatient when shopping online, after clicking the ''place order'' and ''confirm payment'' buttons I want the products to be here already. Luckily I have enough things to do for school to take my mind off it. Once the products have arrived I will swatch the colours so you can see what they look like.
Do you own any of the products I showed above? If so, please tell me what you think of them (the good and the bad!)
Take care! xx

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Anonymous said...

I really like Sleek, they have great affordable products. I think I have almost all their I-Divine palettes :-)