Saturday, 15 June 2013

Travel: My tips for a holiday on Kos

As you may know, I went to Kos a couple of weeks ago and I promised to write a post with a few of my tips for when going to the beautiful island. I've picked the three things I enjoyed most while I was on the island.

Depending on where you're staying on Kos you will need a car to go to these places. We stayed near Kos city and had a bike for the week. One day we hired a car and that's when we saw a lot more of the island.

Renting a car was very affordable for us as we were with a group of five students and we split the costs.

Melissa - Honey Factory
Kos is well known for its production of thyme honey. In Kefalos we found this local honey factory called Melissa. Here they did not only have the typical thyme honey but also some local aperitifs and bees wax products. We had a nice chat with one of the owners, Dionisia, and she let us try different types of honey, aperitifs and also some products made of bees wax. The wax directly melts on the skin and it left my hand smooth and soft the rest of the day. I think this is a really nice place to buy souvenirs other than key chains and magnets.


Tavern Sp├Ątzennest - Marmari

This tavern in Marmari is an ideal place to have lunch if you're looking for some peace and quiet. It is a garden type restaurant, a few minutes drive away from Tigkaki Beach. They serve many different dishes, but I can assure you that the Greek salad and chicken gyros are really good. The people were very friendly but I must say that there was quite a language barrier. They spoke fluent Greek and German (hence the name) and only little English.

    There were beautiful flowers everywhere.

Jumbo Restaurant - Kos city
This restaurant is runned by a local family and serves excellent Greek food. The first time I went there with a friend we had the idea of ordering two different dishes, so we could share our food. The owner (called Jimmy) advised us to go for the Greek Platter for two. He promised us we would not regret it and that we would not be able to finish (and if we did finish it, he'd bring us another platter). He was absolutely right, we loved everything that was on the platter and sadly we were not able to finish it all. After raving about this restaurant for days, we went back and this time took our class mates with us. They loved it too and the food (and service) was just as good as the first time.

On the platter you will get:
Chicken gyros
Lamb gyros
A big stuffed tomato
2 stuffed peppers
Oven baked potatoes
Pita bread
Cucumber and tomato salad


If you have any other questions about Kos, feel free to ask :).


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