Saturday, 22 December 2012

I have a serious fear for the hairdresser. Which is why at home I always go to the same hairdresser and the same girl has been cutting my hair for years.

In October I really needed a haircut so I searched on line for a hairdresser in Barcelona that speaks English. I found one, made an appointment and the next day I had my hair cut. I was scared as hell! The girl cutting it really looked at the shape of my face, hair texture and asked me a lot of questions about my hair. She did a very nice job! Because I have bangs, she told me I could come back and have them cut for only 5 euros.

So, after days (weeks) of thinking: should I go to have them cut.. should I reaaally?? Yesterday I went back to have my bangs cut. One of the guys had time to do it. I explained I like them to be on my brows or slightly over the brows. Some minutes and chopping later he was done. ''Do you like it?'' he asked. ''Yes, thank you'' I answered, scared he would start cutting them a bit more. My bangs do not even touch my brows. Fml

This morning I woke up and immediately started to look on line for tips to make your hair grow faster.

Head massage
Spicy food
Vitamin B

With only 10 days to NYE I'm going to try them all.. while I'm hoping for a miracle.

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