Sunday, 2 December 2012

Travel: Curacao.

In 2011 I was so lucky to live on this beautiful island during my internship. As I enjoyed every minute of it, I thought I'd share my tips.

The people are very welcoming (especially if you learn a few words to say in papiamentu), great weather to visit the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen and there are some interesting restaurants to check out while you're there. Even though it's not a big island to go around the island you definitely need a car as public transport doesn't really go to the beaches and more remote areas.

When I say public transport, please don't picture big busses and such. Although there are a few big busses, the busses that are mostly used are the minivans, holding space for 8 persons. I used to take these small busses to work every day. The drivers all have their own fare, so make sure to ask before you get in. The busses have a general route that they must go on, but it's common that locals get dropped of at their front door. If you plan on going somewhere by bus, make sure you have enough time to get where you want to go because it happens quite often.


Brion Plein Cafe.
This nice place serves amazing local dishes for a very reasonable price. Make sure to try the stoba, a type of stew. The owners serve with a smile and can adjust the menu to taste. The terrace looks over one of the most wellknown sights of the island, De Handelskade and the floating bridge.
Address: Brion Plein in Otrobanda.

A stop at Jaanchies will be an unforgettable experience for sure. This restaurant serves tasty- and typical local food (I tried some Iguana meat), the place looks like a small museum and Jaanchies himself will sing the menu to you. He goes very quick, so pay attention, it's over before you know it! Although it isn't the cheapest option on the island, it's more than worth it.
Address: Westpunt 15

To be honest, I can't make a decision on which beaches I mostly reccommend. They're all beautiful and if you get the chance, go to as many as possible. De grote knip (for free, but no facilities), Porto Mari, Daaibooibaai, Cas Abou, Blue Bay Beach, Seaquarium Beach I love them all equally!
Saint Tropez Ocean Club.
This is not a beach but a (infinity) pool where you can lounge all day for a small fee. They also serve the most delicious sandwiches. On lazy days this is a great option.
Some words in Papiamentu to get you going:
Bon biniWelcome
Bon diaGood morning
Bon tardiGood afternoon
Bon nochiGood evening
DankiThank you
Kon ta Bai?How do you do?
Mi ta bonI am fine
Unda bo ta bai?Where are you going?
Mi ta bai kasI’m going home
Bo ta bunitaYou look nice
Por faborPlease
Di nadaYou're welcome

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