Friday, 29 March 2013

Fashion Friday: Forever 21

Hello you lovely lot!

Usually spring is my favourite seasons but right now I'm not really feeling it. It's has been officially spring since the 21st of May, but I haven't noticed it at all with daytime temperatures just above 0 and at night the barometer easily hits -3. If it's warmer where you are, consider yourself very lucky! :-) That being said, I haven't given up all hope for spring yet and when one of my friends asked if I wanted to order from Forever21 I said yes without thinking about it.

I'm pretty sure you all now the store, and if you don't please click on the link I've added to go to their website. I love Forever21 for clothes and I have bought multiple things from them in the past. We don't have a F21 in the Netherlands but there are rumours that they will open their doors here too. One can only hope. After having only ordered online, two years ago one of my besties and I decided to go to Antwerp for a shopping session in an actual Forever21 store. The crazy thing was that I had a really hard time finding stuff I liked. I had the same problem whenever I visited the store in Barcelona. Whereas whenever I shop online it's the complete opposite: I have a hard time staying within budget and I never had to send anything back because it didn't fit.

Anyways, long story short, here are the items I have ordered:

They're all pretty basic but I'm in desperate need for some new tee's. From left to right: A floral ombre t-shirt. Then three plain tee's in: Mint, coral and ivory. I also ordered the pretty white and blue floral shift dress (I'm quite the sucker for floral and blue). I also love the Forever21 blouses and more dressy tops but most of them are made of some sort synthetic fabric and I really can't stand that in warmer weather.

If you have a blog/youtube channel yourself and you have just ordered spring clothes, put the link in the comment section below, I love watching hauls.

Have a great weekend! xx

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