Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday Smiles #4

Hi guys! First of all let me wish you a happy Easter! Are you doing anything special? I just had an amazing breakfast with my family. As I was away from home with Christmas my father decided to make up for it by making Easter a bit more special. So we had a very nice breakfast (freshly baked croissants, and fresh orange juice, the works) and he and my stepmother are making something special for dinner.
The only thing on the agenda for me today is studying (and trying to keep myself from eating all the chocolate eggs) for a resit I have next week but I think I'll take a break in the afternoon and go to the beach for a nice walk. I'm now in their house in one of the southern provinces. They live in a small village close to the beach where it's very calm and boring quiet, perfect for studying.
  A few things I came across this week that made me smile this week: 

If you have a video or image that made you smile this week, link them in the comments below!

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